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Montgomery Ward, Garden Mark, & Powr Kraft
Rotary Garden Tillers by Gilson

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Montgomery Ward was a long standing catalog and retail seller of general merchandise including lawn and garden equipment. Various suppliers provided rebranded equipment that Montgomery Ward sold under their Garden Mark, Powr Kraft and Montgomery Ward labels. From 1960 through most of the 1970's Gilson Brothers Company of Plymouth Wisconsin provided much of this equipment. The Gilson produced models can be identified by the GIL prefix of the model number on the ID tag.

Montgomery Ward ID Tag

Since 2001 the Gilson Snowblower Shop has been supporting Gilson equipment owners, initially focusing on snowblowers, adding tiller parts and technical support starting in 2015. We can help with most repair needs including, seals, gaskets, worm wheels, bearings, belts, idlers and other parts. This link will bring you to our Tiller Support Page,

Here are some examples of Gilson produced tillers sold by Montgomery Ward..........

These horizontal tillers (pictured to the right) with forward and reverse are probably the most common. There are many generations built over the run. They came with various engine sizes ranging from 4 to 8 horsepower. Reverse was derived from a belt running in a figure 8 pattern. The worm drive is the legendary "Gilson Iron Heart". Robust gearing in a cast iron housing with hefty bearings all bathed in oil let these drives run long and strong.

These machines have the added feature of an actual 4 speed mechanism. Moving sheave halves form a manually controlled torque converter. Reverse is derived from an interposed friction wheel.

These simple machines were popular. They feature the same "Iron heart" worm drive and are driven directly by a cup and cone lined clutch. With the engine right on top of the tines and no efficiency loss from drive belts these little machines continue to be valued workhorses.

Built for cultivating and small gardening needs these units feature spring steel tines meant to deflect around stones they cannot move. The folding handle and drive pulley are patented Gilson innovations.

TroyBilt may have popularized rear tine tilling but Gilson stepped up with their own version. (sorry, no MW pic.) The swinging handle let the operator walk alongside the freshly tilled bed or swing the handle a full 180 degrees for easy transport with the tines leading. There was also an 8 HP version with 5 forward speeds.

The rear tine tillers were also built with a heavy duty simplified handle system.

In addition to the many models of worm driven tillers, Gilson also had popular chain drive models. They ranged from full size walk-behind models to small cultivators, and even self-powered tractor attachments. Many of these were also sold under the Montgomery Ward brands. It was this same chain drive expertise that was leveraged in the rear tine tillers where oil bath chain cases were used for tines and traction.

Prior to the Gilson era, Simplicity built many of the MW units. These machines carry the SIM model prefix. Following Gilson, MTD built equipment for MW. These have the TMO model number prefix.

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