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The mission of this Web-site has always been to provide parts and technical support for Gilson Snowblowers. My efforts have been focused on the Gilson built snowblower more than the engine. While your engine is supported by an entire industry with many thousands of qualified service outlets the Gilson Snowblower Shop is providing machine support believed to be unique. Even though engines have not been the focus of this hobby, engine information inevitably has crept into the site. This information is scattered throughout this site as it has fit in with telling the story in various ways. This page serves as an index to this engine information.

If you cannot find what you need here the Internet has become a treasure trove of information. YouTube videos will show you how to perform many common repairs. A quick search with Google or another search engine can lead to explanations and forums where you can read responses and ask questions of your own. I encourage you to make use of these resources. The Briggs and Stratton manuals are excellent references for the most common engines. When asked I will do my best to answer to questions but time does not allow me to teach small engine repair by e-mail. The essentials of compression, fuel and ignition are as true as ever and are always a good place to start.

General information

How do I determine when my engine was built?
What is the horsepower of my engine?
Various Snow Cannon Engine Bulletins
Re-Powering a Vintage Gilson
Engine Tools and Manuals

Compression related

What should I use for oil?
Draining Crankcase Oil
Replacing the recoil rope on your engine
Diminished valve clearance
Can I add or replace an electric starter?
Compression Related Parts

Fuel related

Where is my air cleaner?
Adjusting your carburetor
Ethanol Blend Fuels
Snow Cannon Fuel Mix Guidance
Fuel System Parts

Ignition related

Ignition Breakdown
Magnetron Ignition Conversion
Ignition System parts

Engine Parts

Briggs & Stratton Manuals

These are the genuine Briggs and Stratton manuals. They are concise and complete. Trouble shooting and repairs are covered in excellent detail and fully illustrated. Use the frst 2 digits of your engines CODE number to determine the year of manufacture of your engine when selecting your manual.
B&S antique manual, 1981 and prior
B&S Antique Engine Manual

Briggs and Stratton Antique Repair Manual Covers out-of-production B&S engines from 1919 to 1981. The L-Head was the B&S engine throughout the Gilson. This manual covers those engines built though 1981 that have conventional breaker point ignition.

B&S L head manual after 1981
Late Model B&S L-Head engine manual

Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Repair Manual For all L-Head (non-OHV) Single Cylinder engines manufactured after 1981. These will include engines with Magnetron Solid state ignition.

Click here to locate engine manuals for other series of Briggs & Stratton engines. These manuals offer well organized step by step procedures and tips on getting the job done. I learned from one of these decades ago and they are now available in printed book form as well as electronic media. These are actual manufacturers publications and include all of the required torque values and test specifications.

Tecumseh engine owners Click here .

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