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Fuel Line Kit
Fuel Filter
Fuel Valve Kit
Throttle Cable
Fuel System
Ignition System
Tools and Manuals


Snow Cannon


Idler Roller Information
Idler Roller Rebuild Kit
Shell Idler Roller Kit
Stud Mounted Idlers

Friction Drive Traction Idler Arm
Friction Drive Traction Idler Arm Spring

1 and 2 Speed Idler Arm Pivot Kit
3 Speed Idler Arm Pivot Kit



Interlock Switches
Key Switches

Gilson Roto Tiller Parts


Roller Chain
Tires and Tubes
Klik Pins
Push on Retaining Rings
Wheel Spacer Washers

Gear Drive:
Jackshaft Bearings
Hypro Key # 3886
Final Drive Sprocket 10496

Jackshaft Service Kit

Foote 1543 Gears
Foote 2499 Shifting Fork
Foote 35 Transmission Bearings

All UniTrol / Friction Drive Models:
Friction Wheel

Single Speed Friction Drive:
Single Speed Axle Bearing

3 & 4 Speed Friction Drive:
UniTrol Final Drive Bushing
Shifter Knob
Unitrol Hex Shaft Bearing
UniTrol Platter / Pulley Bearings
UniTrol Axle Bearing
UniTrol Axle

5 Speed Friction Drive:
Shifting Fork Pin
Friction Wheel Hex Shaft Bearing
3/4" Axle Bearing - 5 Speed Friction Drive
7/8" Axle Bearing - 5 Speed Friction Drive


Shear Pins
Auger Bearing
Auger Spacer Washers
Hypro Key, 3/16 X 5/8
Hypro Key # 3886

Full Size Skids
Compact Skids
Scraper Bar
Scraper Bar Bolts
Drift Cutter

Chute Deflector Wing Nuts
Chute Rollers
Chute Rollers Pins
Chute Ring - Pinion Driven
Chute Ring- Worm Driven
Worm Drive Chute Spacers
Chute Hold-Downs

Replacement Impellers
PowerVane Impeller Kits
Impeller Tips
Impeller Bearings

Grease Packed Worm Drives
Oil Bath Worm Drives
Seal Set for Cast Iron Oil Bath Worm Drives
Seal Set for Aluminum Oil Bath Worm Drives
Cast Iron Oil Bath Worm Drive Gasket Set
Oil Bath Worm Gear Bearings
Cast Iron Oil Bath Worm Drive Input Bushing

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Has your repair shop seen our add in Power Equipment Trade magazine?

Power Equipment Trade magazine add

Let them know that many OEM discontinued parts are available here.

This page represents the most common Gilson snowblower repair parts. The most common engine items are found near the end of this page. They come from a number of sources including what you can buy locally, genuine OEM items, aftermarket parts and a growing collection of parts that I have designed to fill the remaining gaps. Most items include links so you can order what you need. I provide as much information as possible as to their application and compatability but I accept no other responsibility or liability. There is additional part information on my
FAQ page. This collection of these parts will continue to grow. When in doubt write and ask. Don't hesitate to send photo's.

In Addition to Gilson branded units we suppprt the many private brands Gilson built under including;LawnBoy, Mastercraft, Plymouth, Marshal Wells, Beaver, New Holland, Snow Charger, Ford, Montgomery Ward, Wizard, Senator, Toyota, Artisan, TECO, Garden Mark, Brentwood, Mor-power, Gambles, SNOTRAC, Bob-a-Lawn, Davis.

Since a series of acquisitions that occurred in the late 1980s the LawnBoy Division of the Toro Company has been the keeper of the Gilson legacy. Over 20 years after Gilson Brothers Co. ceased to exist many genuine OEM repair parts do continue to be available. As parts continue to become obsolete we are introducing reproduction or replacement parts to fill the gaps and to help keep your Gilson in service. These items are marked by the "Sold By: The Gilson Snowblower Shop" header.

I frequently find that much misinformation surrounds the availability of repair parts for Gilson outdoor power equipment. Owners frequently tell me of local dealers who resist supplying vintage parts in hopes of selling a new machine. For those of you who do not have a local LawnBoy dealer, have one that is Gilson phobic or just prefer to shop online we are affiliated with M&D Mower who provide OEM Gilson and engine components. Links for such products will bring you to the M&D site for ordering. M&D Mower has been on the web for many years selling parts. If you contact them by phone be sure to mention that you learned about them on "That Gilson Snowblower Website".

M&D Mower is not equipped to research your parts needs. If you do not have a parts breakdown you can contact LawnBoy to get a manual using these instruction. I am also able to provide complete illustrated part lists for most machines as described here. If this is not practical you can contact me with your needs and I can provide the required numbers at your risk. To help insure accuracy be sure to include the Model Number from the tag and / or include some photo's of the machine or the part(s) in question. There were many models over the decades, without positive identification misunderstandings can occur.

As part of bringing the Gilson Legacy to LawnBoy all of the Gilson parts needed to be renumbered to work in the LawnBoy distribution system. This means a cross referencing step that is needed. Some items are cross referenced in the M&D data base but it is not 100% complete. Don't give up until you search for the LawnBoy number. If you e-mail to me your Gilson part numbers I can provide the corresponding LawnBoy part numbers. By using the LawnBoy numbers the current availability and price can be checked by searching here.

In general a large portion of what I consider to be wear & repair parts do remain available. Certain items such as castings and major sheet metal parts that almost never fail have become obsolete. For items such as this consider contacting me about getting a used part. As critical parts become obsolete we are continually exploring the production of reproduction parts to service the fleet. This page features all of the parts many owners will ever need.

M&D Mower

Genuine illustrated parts lists are available in PDF format.
See details here. As available my document packages will also include engine breakdowns, factory service manuals and owners manuals.

From time to time I acquire machines that due to incompleteness or overall condition simply will never be running machines again. These machines get parted down to support surviving machines in my collection. Over time I have accumulated surplus quantities of some items including many that have not been available for years. Let me know if you are in need of a discontinued Gilson snowblower part. All inquiries are handled on a case by case basis. Below are examples of the many parts I can commonly provide.

Used parts collage

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Show your Gilson pride and express your enthusiasm for Gilson power equipment with these silk screened T-shirts. They are sure to be appreciated by owners of Gilson Snowblowers, Tractors, Tillers, Mowers, Snowmobiles, Mini-Bikes, Log Splitters, Cement Mixers and more. These are professionally silk screened Gildan Ultra Cotton T-Shirts, fresh stock and ready to ship. Available sizes are listed in the selection pull-downs.

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