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Snow Cannon Parts


Including the following models: 09GN-5139, 09GN-5189, 09GN-5190, 09GN-5190X, 09GN-5203, 09GN-5238, GIS-7503A18, GIS-7504A08, GIS-7504A97, GIL-35250A, GIL-35250B, GIL-35250C, GIL-35260A, GIL-35270A, 55130, 55189, 55190, 55201, 55202, 55203, 55203B, 55208, 55312, 55354 Also comparable exports to Canada and Europe.

Snow Cannon parts listed on this page are provided by M&D Mower.


Replaces Gilson # 207159, LawnBoy # 700370. Order a spare while you are at it.

FLIGHTS & PADDLES Includes 2 paddles and 4 flights to replace all of the rubber wear elements on your rotor. Flights replace Gilson # 207141, LawnBoy # 700504. Paddles replace Gilson # 207527 (or 207137), LawnBoy # 700371. Hardware is not included.

SCRAPER BAR Replaces Gilson # 201879, LawnBoy # 700321
Engine Oil 32:1 2 cycle engine oil to mix with your Snow Cannon gasoline.

See this bulletin for fuel mix details.

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