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Engine Related Parts

Engine Parts Note: The following parts are those commonly found on the B&S engines of many vintage Gilsons. While many parts remained consistent there can be variations especially at the out years. It is suggested that you download a PDF of your engine's breakdown and confirm all part numbers. Note that some numbers in the PDF document have changed over the years but they should be traceable to the items you order. You will see that many of these suggested parts reference the older numbers they replace. If you have a part number or don't find what you need below enter the part number or keyword here.

This kit includes all you need to replace the 1/4" ID fuel line and filter found on 6, 7 or 8 HP Briggs & Stratton engines. Hose deteriorates with age and ethanol is not helping any. This fuel line is safe for ethanol blends of 10% and higher! Hose length supplied is 2 feet so you can trim to fit your shrouding since they vary. 150 micron filter and 4 clamps are included. Most of these parts are available below individually from M&D Mower if you prefer.

Fuel Line Kit
Plus Shipping to US and International destinations

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Fuel Line Kit
This is used on all 6-8 HP B&S engines where a fuel line feeds the carburetor. It replaces B&S 298090 and other numbers. Original filters may be of a bullet shape, this is a drop-in replacement. If you have an old bowl type filter with a damaged screen you can use one of these in the line for extra protection. You can select the filter or the filter with a pair of new clamps.

Fuel Filter $3.25
Fuel Filter with Clamps $5.25
Plus Shipping to US and International destinations

Clamp Options

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Fuel Valve Kit
This kit includes the valve and clamps to add an inline fuel shut-off to engines with 1/4 inch fuel line. This includes 6, 7 and 8 HP Briggs & Stratton engines. It can be installed with the fuel line kit found above. A fuel line shut-off can be desirable if you are concerned about carburetor fuel weeping. On units with electric start the factory valve is often inaccessible and certainly is not mitten friendly. This valve can be added for convenience.

Fuel Valve Kit
Plus Shipping to US and International destinations

Fuel Valve Kit

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This cable replaces Gilson cable #37184 (LawnBoy/Toro #742516) It is sized to match the original and is ready to use with the Z bend formed at the end. This cable was used on many 10 HP Tecumseh models. For reference this part measures 35 inches from the mounting flange to the end of the sheath. Please note that this part does not have the plastic overcoat like the original.

Throttle Cable
Plus Shipping to US and International destinations

Throttle Cable
Spark Plug CJ8
Champion CJ8 Spark Plug

The Champion CJ-8 is a compact version of the J8 plug. This stout plug is the best fit for the insullating boot. Since the spark plug sits on top of your engine the short insulator reduces the chance of breakage. This was the standard OEM spark-plug in your engine.

Set the gap to .030"

Plus Shipping to US and international destinations

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Fuel System Parts
Carburetor Kit Typical Flo-Jet Carburetor

Check the kit description to be sure but this probably covers your Flo-Jet carburetor found on 6-8 HP engines. The kit includes all of the seals seats and needles required to restore a carburetor from normal wear or neglect.

If you would prefer the genuine B&S kit select this one.

Carburetor Kit Typical Pulsa Jet Carburetor
CARBURETOR KIT for 3 - 5-1/2 HP B&S Pulsa Jet

Carburetor Overhaul Kit replaces B&S #495606 / 494624. Fits 3 - 5.5 HP Horizontal, Fits Models: 80200,81200,82200,133200,135200,92200,93200,100200 ,111200,112200 & 130200 with Pulsa Jet CarburetorsThe kit includes all of the seals seats and needles required to restore a carburetor from normal wear or neglect.

If you would prefer the genuine B&S kit select this one.

791545 Fuel Cap
Fuel Cap

This replaces the Snow-Guard cap with the slush shield used on steel fuel tanks of 6-8 HP engines.

290816 Fuel Tank
290816 4 quart steel fuel tank.

This steel fuel tank is commonly found on 6,7 and 8 HP Briggs and Stratton engines up until the 1980s when some engines were equipped with plastic tanks.

68477 Bowl Gasket
68477 Filter Bowl Gasket

This gasket is used on the glass filter bowls found on older B&S 6,7 and 8 HP engines.

Compression Related Parts

These sometimes suffer from dry rot. Replace yours for a secure grip.


If you usually operate your machine with mittens this will provide a better grip.

Recoil starter clutch

If your recoil clutch is worn or has not responded to cleaning this is the item. Be sure to use the clutch tool below when removing and reinstalling this part.

Do you have a spare flywheel key?

Easy Spin Recoil Spring

Installation instructions can be found on my servicing procedures page and in your engine manual.

Crankcase fill plug

If yours is damaged from pliers or lost here is the replacement item.

Is your oil drain plug in good condition?

Inline muffler

Inline Muffler Found on older engines in the 6-8 HP range. 3/4 NPT mount.

Bolt on muffler
Bolt Mount Low Tone Muffler
Found on engines 6,7 & 8 HP engines of the mid 1970s. this muffler bolts to the exhaust port and the heater box has an elevated section around this muffler.
Inline Low Tone Muffler
Inline Low Tone Muffler

Found on newer engines in the 6-8 HP range. 3/4 NPT mount.

Ignition Related Parts
Spark plug boot

These are frequently lost or damaged but not expensive or difficult to replace.


These are the conventional points found on most pre-1981 engines. If your engine is 1966 or older be sure to consult a B&S parts breakdown since yours may be different. Flywheel tools, see below are required to do this job properly.

Mega-Fire Ignition Module

This kit allows you to upgrade your pre 1981 engine that does not have the Magentron (solid state) ignition. The change to maintenance free is nice but the beauty for the do-it-yourself mechanic is that you need not remove the flywheel to install this system. Without the need for expensive flywheel tools an ignition repair is now easy for any capable shade tree mechanic.

Tool, Books and Supplies
Recoil Clutch Tool

Combined with your torque wrench and engine manual specifications you can get your clutch off and on easily and torqued so the safety key functions properly.

Add the following tools for a 1st class job:

8 Ounce STA-BIL
STA-BIL ETHANOL TREATMENT. Fuel Stabilizer, 10 ounce

Adding stabilizer to your fuel keeps gasoline fresh and retards the formation of damaging deposits in your fuel system. This is much more important for a single cylinder engine than a regularly used automobile. This special Ethanol formula helps manage the effects of ethanol blend fuels. This will enhance perormance and help prevent costly fuel system damage. Add to your storage can before heading to the filling station and it will come home well mixed. I use STA-BIL in all of my outdoor power equipment all of the time. That way I never need to worry about what is in a machine when storage time comes. STA-BIL ETHANOL TREATMENT. Fuel Stabilizer, 4 ounce

B&S antique manual, 1981 and prior
B&S Antique Engine Manual

Briggs and Stratton Antique Repair Manual Covers out-of-production B&S engines from 1919 to 1981. The L-Head was the B&S engines throughout the Gilson era. This manual covers those engines built though 1981 that have conventional breaker point ignition.

B&S L head manual after 1981
Late Model B&S L-Head engine manual

Briggs and Stratton Small Engine Repair Manual For all L-Head (non-OHV) Single Cylinder engines manufactured after 1981. These will include engines with Magnetron solid state ignition.

Click here to locate engine manuals for other series of Briggs & Stratton engines. These manuals offer well organized step by step procedures and tips on getting the job done. I learned from one of these decades ago and they are now available in printed book form as well as electronic media. These are actual manufacturers publications and include all of the required torque values and test specifications.

Tecumseh engine owners Click here .

Valve Spring Compressing Tool

This tool is worth the price even if you only use it once in your lifetime. Working to compress valve springs and set the clips using pliers, screwdrivers and wedges is fools errand. With this tool it becomes an easy task. If you have one of the engines from the 1960s with the split cones as part of the exhaust valve retainer this tool is an absolute "must have".

Valve Seating Tool

With this tool and some Valve Lapping Compound you can restore the finish of the valve / seat interface. Remember to reset the valve gaps per your engine manual when doing this job. Also plan to have a valve cover gasket and an intake elbow mounting gasket on hand.

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